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I read books daily which good if you are looking to read books. Check out my book reviews by clicking the ‘blog’ section so that you could find a book worth reading. Reading books is good for your mental health, sometimes a book can change your life and sometimes the right book is just great entertainment.

Enjoy Academic Articles

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At the moment I am a student of ICT who is interested in multiple other subjects like psychology, history, business, politics, theology etc. Therefore from time to time your inquisitive mind can enjoy reading different academic articles which I will try to make as exciting as possible.

Gain Knowledge

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This site publishes blog posts on many different topics and subjects. I am someone who is interested in many subjects and I am very passionate about knowledge. In fact I believe that the more you know the happier your life will be, the more interesting your conversations with other people will be and you will make better life choices. One thing that I can guarantee you will get from LibraryEx is knowledge about various topics which is something useful to know.

Knowledge is Power

– Francis Bacon

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Currently I am a 21 year old ICT undergraduate hoping to go far in the world of academia and business.

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