7 Reasons Why You Should Read More?


Reading has always been something I did as a hobby. Usually, in my spare time, I would read history, sports articles and the usual regular news. I picked up the 2020 book challenge around March. However, life got so busy I just stopped June. Around a week ago, I felt like something was missing from my day to day life so I visited my local library and began reading books which fascinated me so I could trigger my love for reading again.

After a few days of reading whatever my heart desired, I decided to resume the 2020 book challenge. I was late and it was obvious to me that I wouldn’t be able to read 100 books. However, I decided to continue the challenge anyway. Since then, I found that regular hours of reading was my secret life weapon and knowledge is the only thing I can gain success by in my life. I think everyone should read more and the world would be a better place with more educated people in it. Below are all the best reasons why you should read daily.

1) Makes You More Joyful

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Statistically, reading improves the mood of people who suffer from symptoms of depression. It also improves the feelings of people who suffer from loneliness, reduces stress and isolation. This is because reading helps people connect to different stories from different ages. It serves as free entertainment for most people. The best part of reading is that the entertainment is endless since books are being published yearly. For some people, stories from books help to show them that everyone is going through some pain and that the reader is not alone with their problems.

Furthermore, reading gives people a sense of ‘escapism’. For a period of time, every single day, people lose themselves in books and emerge out of the experience more intelligent and more equipped with dealing with daily life. People are temporarily alleviated from the stresses of the day.

On a much lighter note, someone can enjoy exciting stories which can keep them at the edge of their seat, gain information on an incredibly wide range of topics and broaden their understanding of the world around them, all thanks to books.

2) Tranquility

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Along with the joy that books bring, reading a spiritual text or another type of text can bring someone incredible inner peace. This can occur. Reading spiritual texts can lower blood pressure and make someone feel calm. Also, certain books like self-help books have the ability to break down mental barriers and free people from having negative thoughts and can change someone’s life for the better.

3) Protects From Mental Diseases

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Modern research shows that people who make sure their brains are active daily by engaging in activities such as reading are 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who spend their free time engaging in activities such as watching television or something similar to that. This is because studies have shown that keeping your brain active can slow the progress of dementia and Alzheimer’s. People who keep their brains active by reading daily tend to be much more focused and have higher concentration as well. All these benefits protect your brain from mental diseases.


4) You Become Better At Conversations

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This point, I have realized in my day to day life whenever I have called my friends or engaged in interesting conversations with people. Since you are reading daily, you are constantly inputting knowledge into your head which means your vocabulary is becoming greater. This also means you will become more eloquent and eloquent people always do well during conversations. The knowledge you learn will also come spilling out during conversations you have with people. Since you are always bringing interesting information to your conversations, people will enjoy your presence and therefore value you more. Don’t we all want to be valued?

5) Increases Mentality

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The way you think is often nurtured by the environment you grew up in and the people you are surrounded by during your day to day life. We have all heard the saying “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. By reading daily, your overall intelligence will increase since you spend a great deal of time with living and dead authors.

For example, if you spend a good portion of your day reading self-help books, you essentially have a teacher with you for a good part of your day instructing you on how better you could live your life. Furthermore, human beings are naturally ‘copy cats’. We get influenced very easily. By reading books about the biographies of successful people, you get to copy and paste some of their thinking processes to the point where you are inheriting their mentality. Their stories will teach you to think creatively, be more open-minded and to think outside the box. As a result, your mentality would steadily increase each year for the better until you dominate your life and become someone who is highly successful.

6) Boosts Sleep

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Most bookworms can agree that there’s no better sleep than when you fall asleep whilst you are reading a book. Reading books late at night serves as a sleeping pill. This is because after a tiring, stressful day, reading a book will help you think analytically and not let your thoughts become too overwhelming. Reading will also reduce your stress levels and help you relax so that you might have some deep and restful sleep.

7) Improves Relationships

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Reading can improve all of your relationships. Studies show that people who read fictional books regularly are often more empathetic than people who don’t. In fact, “In a study, participants were asked to guess the feelings of different people just by looking at photos of their eyes. Those who read fictional books regularly often scored higher than those who didn’t”.

Being empathetic is very useful in your relationships as it ensures that you are better able to guess how your friends, family and loved ones are feeling. You are better able to know what to say and what not to say. This will lead to fewer arguments and a more fluid relationship.

Furthermore, fictional books, as well as biographies (or autobiographies) show us how to navigate through complicated interpersonal relationships. We learn lessons through the stories within the books. We could then apply these lessons to our lives. This makes us better at communicating with people.

Reading can also make you more open-minded. This is because you will often read stories about people who are from different backgrounds, different times who are just completely different than you. You will read about their hopes, thoughts, feelings, struggles, passions, culture, religion and achievements. By doing this, you are broadening your horizons and teaching yourself to stop seeing the world through your own narrow lens. This will make you multidimensional in your thought and as a result, a more open-minded person.

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