How To Read Consistently?

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Recently I began a new reading schedule which allowed me to start reading consistently again. In the past, I would read for hours daily and keep that momentum up for months. However, after suffering from an academic burn-out, I lost the ability to do that. However, my recent changes have allowed me to rebuild my reading stamina. Therefore, making it possible for me to grow as a student. This blog post will share the secret that will allow you to read consistently every day of your life.

My current reading schedule – some days I read more than one book.

By the time you read this blog, I might have changed my reading schedule around. Sometimes one paticular book my draw you in more than others so you might just read that book until you finish it. Other times you might dislike a book that you’re reading and decide to remove it from your reading schedule. Either way, the reading schedule is just there to keep you reading books in your free time. It’s not about what you’re reading specifically but more that you’re reading in your spare time so you could develop as a reader.

I started very slow and implemented a new plan. The problem many students often face is what’s called the β€˜reading block’. Students find a book they like, pick it up with passion, are full of determination to complete the book they are reading then suddenly their motivation fades after a while.

This β€˜reading block’ occurs for many different reasons. To begin with, you might get bored with the book you’re reading after a few days and consequently lose interest and stop reading the book. Another reason might be frustration since you might find another book you might want to read but then remain annoyed at the fact that you won’t be able to read that new book without finishing the current one you’re reading. It could also occur because you might have picked up a book but lost interest in reading it midway and now for some reason, you’re forcing yourself to finish reading the book.


The biggest reason might be because of an academic burn-out. This occurs to people after years and years of studying. Personally, I have spent my whole life in the western education system. After I hit 18, I started developing the symptoms of a burn-out, (visit another blog post of mine where I discussed this story) unfortunately, the symptoms lasted for 2 years. After a long process of looking deep within I was able to shake the symptoms off, allowing myself to read books daily again.

Moreover, there might be other reasons which I am unaware of at this present moment. However, the reasons I listed are also contributing to the reading block or academic burn-out you might be facing as a student. Aside from official studies or religious (or spiritual) personal studies which you might be doing, a reading schedule is one of the secrets which will allow you to read consistently in your life. By consistently, I mean every day. This is a small tactic that allows you to develop your reading abilities. Each day I set aside 30 minutes to read whatever book I have scheduled for that day.

The time limit is not present to prevent you from reading for more than 30 minutes. The time limit is there to prevent you from reading below 30 minutes. I sometimes read above the time limit as well. However, on the days where I am tired, and the old symptoms of the academic burn-out creep back in, that is when the beauty of the short time limit comes through. On those days I would hit 30 minutes and then stop. Another beauty of this system is that no two days are the same. Since each day of the week, a different book is being read. This keeps boredom at bay and allows me to remain curious about every book I am reading.

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Overall, this reading schedule is not ridiculously excellent (like other ones in the past where I have read for 5 hours a day) it is consistent and do-able for anyone. This is a small secret that allows me to read daily that I wanted to share with anyone reading my blog posts.

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