Why is Fantasy Important?

My favorite quote from Dr Seuss.

Fantasy is one of the most common genres that people read. Perhaps one of the first ever books that you have ever might have been a fantasy book. Due to television adaptations (like HBO’s adaptation of Game of Thrones) and many other films over the years, the fantasy genre has become a huge part of pop culture. Even in the social media world, there are many memes that have been generated because of fantasy films and tv shows. So, without further without further ado, here’s 4 reasons why fantasy is important.


Every once in a while (or maybe even more depending on how difficult your life is) our world as we know it can be “too much”. From time to time it’s nice for your mental health to whack open a fantasy book where you can immerse yourself into another world entirely. In this fantasy world, your worries are no longer about whatever problem you have that is bothering you but rather the lives of your characters and the dangers that they have to face in their stories. Getting involved in discussions or contemplating about the story is all part of the enjoyment and escapism that comes with reading Fantasy.

The world of Game of Thrones. A world I would regularly enter.

Gaining Wisdom

Yep, wisdom is another reason on the list. As a reader, when you read about the inner struggles of different characters, it makes you more and more sympathetic. You might even begin rooting for characters that you relate to. This often happens. The more you read about different characters and how they interact with each other, the more you will be able to relate to other people in the future. This is part of the wisdom that comes with fantasy. You’ll also be able to pick up good traits that main characters have such as: honesty, integrity, persistence, hard work, etc. These are all key things that come from the fantasy genre.


One thing nearly every fantasy book gives users is hope. This is because no matter what happens to the main characters, no matter what they go through, no matter how dark their future might look somehow they manage to overcome the odds and become joyful at the end. In the predictable world we live in, where every decision has to connect, the idea of a person riding a dragon and freeing slaves is a concept that everyone enjoys to see. It’s the fact that anything can happen that makes us enjoy fantasy and that hope transfers into our lives.


Fantasy is one of the few, perhaps the only genre that truly challenges your imagination. This is one of the key aspects of reading fantasy. Since the beginning of time people would sit around a fire and tell stories. They would imagine those stories unfold. A lot of us were told bed time stories that made us get carried away with our imagination as children. Reading fantasy isn’t like reading a book of Math. The Author doesn’t have to follow rules. This means they create a world unrestrictedly making you as the reader imagine each page as you go a long. This is great because your imagination skills will develop as time passes on.

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