Why is History Important?


History has always been a fundamental subject that everyone has come across during their lives. As humans we live in the present moment and we constantly think about the future. How do we navigate through our future without making terrible mistakes? How do we arrive where we are now? Who will tell us what has transpired before us? These are the natural questions that come to our mind as humans. This is why History is important.

Archaeological Site of the Uruk


“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots” – Marcus Garvey. History is everything. The more you study history the more you will understand the nature of the world around us. This is why the majority of my blog posts will probably be about history. This is because history is made up of the stories of all sorts of different people from different civilizations. By studying this, you will learn about the brilliant, good, average and bad decisions made by human beings in the past. The roots of where everything started from. This will no doubt lead you to becoming someone who is wise beyond their years.

Becoming Open-Minded

One thing history always does is expose you to different cultures, civilizations, religions and personalities. This will push you our of your comfort zone constantly and this is important because by doing this you will learn that the bubble you grew up in is just a bubble. You will understand that there a billions of different people in the world. This will have a very positive effect on you because the next time you meet someone from a different race or background you won’t treat this individual as a total stranger or alien. History will have already taught you that there are all sorts of different people out there in the world.

A Superior Mentality

History will teach you about the different personalities that have come before you as well as the struggles those people overcome. By reading about these people, you will realise that as difficult as your life might be you can overcome your struggles just like the way the people who came before you overcame their struggles. You can transfer the skills (or mentality) they had into your life. This will no doubt separate you from anyone you are competing against or the people you are around and by transferring these skills, you will become someone who can overcome any obstacle.


There are many more reasons why you should study history. A whole book can be written about the importance of this science. History is one of my favorite subjects to study as a hobby which is why I will most likely end up dedicating a majority of my blog posts towards it. I hope you find my short writings on this subject beneficial.

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