What is UX?


Favourite Products


Figure 1(Image Source: https://in.pcmag.com/old-mobile-payment-apps/81728/paypal)

PayPal is my first example of my favourite mobile app because of the good user experience I have had with it. This is because of the visibility of the system status. PayPal is easy to use and consistent for the user. As a result, the predictable interactions that I regularly have with PayPal, this has left me trusting the mobile app version of PayPal.

Furthermore, another reason why PayPal has a good system status is because of the fact that it always shows me (as the user) the status of an on-going operation (which in this case would be the transferring of money) until the operation is complete. There is never a moment when I am completely unsure of what is happening on the PayPal mobile app which is a very positive thing since transferring money can be a semi-stressful process.


Figure 2-Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Chrome

Google is an incredibly useful tool of technology which is possibly one of the most famous pieces of technology present in the world. Google is incredibly fast and this has always been a priority for Google and this is a vital tool especially since Google are involved in ecommerce. Whenever I want to search something (no matter what it might be) Google within milliseconds provides me with the answers I am looking for. This is something many people take for granted and it is something that I really like about Google. Google also tries to quickly bring up the websites that you are most likely interested in using cookies. This is especially important since it means I don’t have to surf through different websites constantly because I would have found the websites I am looking for at the top of the results from the google search. This makes Google incredibly efficient.

2 Products I Dislike


Figure 3: Image Source: https://userguiding.com/blog/bad-ux-examples/

This is something that has always bugged me about WhatsApp. When I first saw the WhatsApp β€œDelete Message For Everyone” option I thought this was a great idea. Whenever I sent a message to the wrong person or I have regretted a message that I have sent and then deleted the message for everybody the notification would still go through to the other individual on WhatsApp. The message wouldn’t really be deleted, all that would happen would be that the message content would be hidden. This is a real shame because it defeats the whole purpose of deleting the message. The other individual that the message has been sent to would still receive a message, know that I deleted it and this might have made the entire situation even more awkward to begin with. Sometimes I might send the message off (once it is delivered but not seen) and it would only come back with β€œdelete the message for me”. I don’t understand why I would delete the message for myself and allow it to appear for friend or colleague to see. This is something part of the UX that I dislike about WhatsApp and I hope they change this soon. WhatsApp can improve this situation by wiping out the message completely whenever the user attempts to delete the message rather than just hiding the content of the message.


YouTube (Clickbait)

Figure 4/Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9crwwYC586E

This is one of the most frustrating examples of bad UX. As a user on YouTube, I might be surfing through the YouTube looking for the right video to watch. However, I might be fooled by lots of different videos with their different titles that are all clickbait. A classic example is a dramatical title which draws all the users in since they are waiting for that moment in the video but 20 minutes later that moment in the video will appear. Or perhaps a dramatic title with a video that has the opposite intended content. These are all tactics that go against the principles of UX. It is a blatant lie and something which YouTube should tackle by imposing temporary punishments to owners of YouTube channels if they upload videos which are just all clickbait.


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