What is The Murder On The Links About?

Murder On The Links Book Cover From Good Reads | I had a hard copy of the book borrowed from the DMU Library which was dark green and different to this one

What is the book about?

“Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is summoned to France after receiving a distressing letter with an urgent cry for help. Upon his arrival in Merlinville-sur-Mer, the investigator finds the man who penned the letter, the South American millionaire Monsieur Renauld, stabbed to death and his body flung into a freshly-dug, open grave on the golf course adjoining the property. Meanwhile the millionaire’s wife is found bound and gagged in her room. Apparently, it seems that Renauld and his wife were victims of a failed break-in, resulting in Renauld’s kidnapping and death.

There’s no lack of suspects: his wife, whose dagger served as the weapon, his embittered son, who would have killed for independence, and his mistress who refused to be ignored. Each felt deserving of the dead man’s fortune. The police think they’ve found the culprit. But Poirot has his doubts. Why is the dead man wearing an overcoat that is too big for him? And who was the impassioned love-letter in the coat pocket for? Before Poirot can answer these questions, the case is turned upside down by the discovery of a second, identically-murdered corpse. ” – Good Reads

My Review

I picked this book up from the DMU library and read this book during those long dark winter nights in my studio during my brief stint as a first year university student at DMU university. This was the first time I read a full book by Agatha Christie and it was incredibly worth it. Looking back now at those dark winter days in Leicester, where I would get cozy at my apartment (and sometimes at the university library) and read this book at midnight, I can’t help but miss those days. Sometimes reading a book can be one of the highlights to a time in your life and reading this book definitely was.

I really like how the book began well with much suspense which seemed to trickle down as the book continued but seemed to return at key times. Throughout the entire story I didn’t know who the culprits were. Whenever I would suspect someone I would doubt my own thinking as I continued to read the book which clearly shows how this book highlights the genius of Christie.

However, with that being said, the book ended with an average ending which wasn’t as captivating as I thought it should have been. Too much time was spent on the actual mystery which seemed to show that Hercule Poiriot wasn’t as good as I thought he was. I felt like this book didn’t keep me at the edge of my seat throughout the story unlike other mystery books this Author has written. Nonetheless, Agatha Christie remains to be my favorite author on mystery books.

Overall, I do look fondly back at the memories of I had when I was reading this book and I really liked the beginning of the book as well. I don’t highly recommend people to read the book but if you are looking for an interesting mystery book to read this will definitely be one of those books that you can read if you are looking to pass the time. I do think Agatha Christie is an incredibly talented writer who wrote some amazing stories that I will review at a later period but this book isn’t as great as others that this same writer has written. The book had a rating of 3/5 stars for me.


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