What is As A Man Thinketh About?

Book Cover For As A Man Thinketh

What is the book about?

The mind guides our footsteps as we progress along the pathway of life. Purity of mind leads inevitably to purity of life, to the precious love and understanding that should control our everyday acts and attitudes towards friends and foes. But where must one look for guidance? How does one achieve purity of mind that alone brings happiness and confidence?

The author offers his clear answers in this book As A Man Thinketh. His words have helped millions for more than a century–and they continue to point the true way to a better life for a troubled humanity. “Out of a clean heart comes a clean life and a clean body,” James Allen writes. “Out of a defiled mind proceeds a defiled life and a corrupt body.” Too many mortals strive to improve only their wordly position–and too few seek spiritual betterment. Such is the problem James Allen faced in his own time. The ideas he found in his inner-most heart after great searching guided him as they will guide you. – Good Reads

My Review

I read this book right at the beginning of 2020 after my oldest brother recommended that I read this book. I was particularly struck by the wisdoms contained within this book and it has had a positive impact on the way I view the world. The book was short and I believe I was able to finish it within two days. It might have even been 50 pages look if my memory serves me correctly.

Allen demonstrated within the book how positive thinking and thinking as a whole can have an impact upon ones life. After reading the book I tried to become more conscious of my own thoughts however this is a practice that must be revisited over and over again. Now I am glad to be writing this review because it has reminded me to think more positively and become more conscious of my thoughts.


I really liked how this book was short yet incredibly profound. I needed to think carefully about each page since this is a deep book and therefore if the book was 569 pages long then I believe I would have become confused as each chapter passed on and eventually I would have lost the entire purpose of the book. I also like how the book gave many examples and really drove it’s point home. Allen was very clear and concise in the points he was trying to make. The book was easy to absorb.

There was nothing that I disliked about the book.

Overall I believe that this book is a great book for all people to read. It is short, only around 50 pages long and therefore if someone has free time on a weekend and wants something productive to do on a weekend then they could pick up this book, complete reading it and ponder over it. From there everyone could practice having more positive thoughts and practice staying conscious over ones own thoughts. For me, the book is a clean 4/5 stars. Definitely worth reading and is highly beneficial.

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