Thank You For 50 Followers! πŸŽ‰

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This is just a short thank you message to all the people who have followed my blog page, liked some of my posts, emailed me on what I should improve on etc. I woke up today to see a notification from WordPress informing me that I have reached 50 followers and I was shocked. It means that I am doing something right.

More than anything it means that it means that you, my followers and subscribers are going out of your way to read my blog posts which really means a lot to me. Sometimes it does get really difficult balancing my weekly schedule with work on my blogging page.

For example, as a full time university student I am constantly working on assignments for my degree but I am also passionate about my blog page so I have to find time to try plan and write quality blog posts. So when I see someone reading a post that I have written it makes me very happy because it means that the grind was worth it.

So, to conclude for now, my next target is to increase my audience, improve the quality of my blog posts and aim for 100 followers. I really want to thank my earlier followers and subscribers so a big thank you to everyone who has clicked the follow button, your support means a lot to me.

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