Why is Anime So Popular?

Picture From Attack on Titan | Levi’s Squad Take a Break Outside The Walls

For as long as I remember I have been watching anime. My first memories of anime was as a child watching Naruto with all of my siblings. We would regularly watch episodes and when I became a teenager more and more anime’s were getting introduced into my life. As a kid I remember play fighting with other kids pretending to be powerful anime characters. As a teenager I would debate with other kids about anime. Even now, I watch anime from time to time and anime represents great Japanese literature that has a lot of benefits. In this article I aim to go through some of the reasons why watching anime is important.

Anime can serve as good literature

There are so many lessons that are evident in anime stories. Stories that people could relate to and learn valuable lessons from. Character depth is something which is within every good anime. Each character has a lot more depth to them and is very complicated. The same is with real life, people are very complex and you can’t paint everyone with the same brush. For example Naruto, is an orphan who faced incredible loneliness in his childhood. He also faced abuse because he was a jinchuriki (carrying a power within him). As a result, he innocently dreamed of becoming the leader of his nation so people could finally start recognizing him and loving him.

Another great example is Meruem, a non-human creature that was born as a King. During his early life he killed for no reason at all and at a large scale. He made sure that everyone who served him feared him and even killed his loyal subjects if they disobeyed him for a small second. He was a ruthless king. Eventually, he met a young blind woman who was better than him at go (a game similar to chess). This young woman was blind, helpless and completely opposite to an all powerful king like him. For example, in one scene, she was attacked by a bird and she couldn’t even defend herself.


All of these traits of hers touched this all powerful king and Meruem began to question why he was so violent and ruthless. He began playing go with her everyday and eventually fell in love with her. At the end of his life he was transformed and cared for nothing more than spending time with her. He eventually was poisned and chose to die in the arms of this young woman. The young woman (Komugi) also chose to die with him (since the poison was contagious) for her own personal reasons. Almost every viewer cried during their death scene because of his convincing character development. He went from a ruthless, arrogant king with no concern for others’ lives to someone who questions why he kills others.  In this sense, anime can serve as great literature.


Anime has not only positively effected Japan but also the rest of the world. This is because anime is a great way for writer to tell their story in an animated form. There is complete freedom of expression. Authors of great anime can tell stories that they want to tell with the opportunity of weaving in their lessons as well as the messages that they want to send to their viewers. Sometimes, the manga writers even gain inspiration from the anime (like the way Isayama the writer of attack on titan did). What’s more, some people just feel that they have a deep indescribable feeling to express themselves. Writing manga and creating anime to express themselves is a great opportunity for some manga writers to do this.


Anime not only contains great stories that people can learn about life, human nature and wisdom from but it also contains great entertainment. There are so many comedic moments, unbelievable action scenes as well as thrilling storylines which just keep everyone at the edge of their seats. Some anime contains great production and quality that it really can be some of the greatest entertainment and escapism out there. This is (for a lot of people) the main reason why they watch anime. If you are ever board, start an anime and enjoy yourself.

Understand Japanese Culture

With literature you learn about culture. That is something that always happens. Anime can serve as good literature and quite a lot of anime contains the culture of Japanese people. The food they eat, social-cultural norms, layout of Japanese cities and customs of the people. If you are interested in broadening your horizons and increasing your understanding of Japanese culture then watching anime is a good way to do this.


To conclude, I feel like I have greatly benefited from anime in my life. It served as great literature for me and I learnt more about human behaviour, society and what human beings are capable of whether it is good or bad. Sometimes an anime will show you all the different types of human beings that are out there. There is such a huge spectrum of humans out there that it is just amazing. All of them growing into different people as time passes by as well. I feel like anime is something everyone should watch once in their lives.

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