Why You Should Start Journaling?

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Journaling is an incredibly important lifestyle hack that you can easily include into your life. As of now, I have 3 active Journals that I regularly check up on. It’s important to remember that journaling isn’t what you think it is, it’s not writing dear diary in your bed like the way television shows depict female teenagers in films. It’s a lot more than that. It’s a process of carefully recording something for a specific purpose and many many successful people have used diaries or journals in their lives. This blog post will highlight all the important reasons why you should start journaling.

1. Improves Mental Health

When it comes to journaling, you are essentially writing down all the thoughts that are clogging up your head. You are also jotting down facts that are interesting, things that you are grateful for as well as interesting or difficult things in your life. When you record your thoughts you are able to better review them and process them. As a result, journaling can serve as great stress relief and mental clarity in a world that’s incredibly fast paced to everyone.

2. It Saves Memories

Its true that there are good new apps out there now that save our memories. Snapchat being a good example of that, but sometimes you want to remember the good thoughts and feelings that you had during a good past occasion of your life. I for one love going back many months and picking out a random day just to see what I was thinking and feeling back then. Journaling allows you to record those things as well so you can truly save the important memories of your life.

3. Have Different Journals For Different Purposes

As I might have mentioned before in one of my previous blog posts, I have 4 active journals and I’m looking to even gain more. I have a private journal, a university journal to record my educational career, a finance journal to record my spending habits and a health journal to record my weight and eating habits. With journaling it doesn’t have to be one big journal where you record the daily events of your life. Yes its true that your private journal will probably record events of your life but other journals can serve for other purposes and you don’t have to robotically do them every day. For example, with my university journal, I only write in it every once every while. The last time I wrote in it was the 5th of February and its now nearly May. So journaling can be flexible.

4. Become Successful

Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pexels.com

Its an open secret that many of the most successful people in history have kept diaries and journal. From the greatest war hero’s to the most creative inventors. Journaling allows you to achieve your goals because it’s so full of too many benefits. It eases your anxiety in difficult times, allows you to release pent up emotions, makes you a better problem solver and writer etc. In fact the author of the power of habit, Duhigg, spoke about how individuals who kept food journals (and recorded their eating habits) had a higher chance of actually losing weight. This is what journaling does, it allows you to become successful.

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