Why A Reading Schedule isn’t the way forward?


Some of you might remember one of my earlier blog posts where I wrote about the benefits of keeping a reading schedule and whilst the contents of that blog posts remain true, I chose to let go of my reading schedule for many reasons. This blog post will explain all the reasons why I felt like the reading schedule was inefficient and subsequently chose to let it go.

Causes Confusion

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When you have a reading schedule you are essentially reading 7 different books a week and 1 different type of book a day. If each of these books are high level books then you’ll end up suffering trying to grapple with way too many thoughts. At one point I was essentially reading 7 of the most complicated books that I have read up to date and I just got so overwhelmed by all the different chapters and so confused that I just became sick of reading entirely. The reading schedule ended up becoming counter-productive as I literally became an inconsistent reader. Eventually, I decided that something has to change otherwise I would give up reading books entirely.

Reading Feels Like a Chore

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No, not that kind of chore but a chore nonetheless. Once you are in that grueling state of moving from book to book every day eventually you lose the very reason that you began reading in the first place. Your love of reading fades away since you’re moving from book to book as if it were a chore. That process becomes tiring and eventually you feel like you want to stop and break out of the process entirely. Leading to the next reason.

Can Feel Like A Prison

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Ok, I know what you’re thinking, a bit dramatic. That’s true. It’s not exactly a prison but you can see where I am coming from. When you are creating this reading schedule, your essentially creating schedule where you read one specific book a day, for a specific time period and you’ll never change that around until your finished reading the books. So, your essentially stuck with the 7 books that you have during the week. I didn’t enjoy being stuck in such a rigid schedule which was another reason why I let go of the schedule. This is bad because the enjoyment side of reading fades away. You can no longer be spontaneous. Before. you were engrossed in the current book that you were reading, devoted to that book without knowing what book my sweep you off your feet tomorrow. However, with the rigid reading schedule, all that fun and excitement fades away.

Better to Concentrate Your Forces

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Yes, that’s right. Your brain is an incredibly strong machine and it is better for this machine to be concentrated at one thing for a long time in order to break that thing down. For me, it was today when I realised that I’d rather begin reading one book and to keep coming back to that book until I have completed it. Sometimes I just want to pick up a nice exciting mystery novel and to stick with that book uninterrupted until I’m finished reading that book. As a result, I deleted my reading schedule and picked up a new exciting book with the plan to stick with that book all the way until the end.

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