From Muaadable to LibraryEx: Final Website Update!


So I know what my followers are wondering, what on earth is going on with the name of my blog page. Well, as you all know, choosing the right name for your website is incredibly tricky. However, thanks to the tips and the helpful advice that I received from professional bloggers, I was able to finally choose the right name.

So what happened?

As you all know, ‘muaadable’ was the first name that I choose for the website. Muaadable was essentially an idea inspired from the famous blog website ‘mashable’ and what I did was essentially use my first name and come up with an unoriginal name for the website. This proved to be a bad idea because I received negative feedback and I really didn’t know what to do since I thought it meant I would be unable to change my name again.

Luckily, through some online WordPress tutorials, I discovered how to change my website name. It is difficult because every time you change your website name you have to pay money to purchase a new domain name. So you can’t change as much as you want. I really wanted to get rid of ‘muaadable’ so I chosse some of my social media usernames ‘theclownprince’. This also proved to be a very bad idea because as I discovered in the morning, the name was silly.

As we get out of lockdown library’s will be opening again! | Photo by Olenka Sergienko on

Eventually, after a long time, It finally occurred to me (and this would be yet another terrible mistake). The tree of knowledge is an ancient tree from a different world entirely that is said to be where knowledge has come from according to many religions and ancient mythologies. To me, it was something that always fascinated me and if there is one central theme that I try to capture with this website, it is knowledge. One thing led to another and I finally (naively thought) figured out my new website name.

After a while I contacted some professional bloggers who I regularly get advise from. I was told that was a terrible name for many reasons. For one .blog is not as good as .com and people weren’t fans of the amount of words that were in the site address. I couldn’t believe it. Trial and error is a real thing folks. It made sense when I took a step back though and following the proper procedure (set down by professionals) to find the right site address was the best decision that I ever made because it led to LibraryEx. A fantastic website name that received lots of positive feedback.

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