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As some of you who started following this website from the beginning (and I know who you are) you will all know that the focus of this website was everything related to knowledge. It was a blog page for book lovers and bookworms. Initially I gave tips about all the different reading styles as well as many other blog posts about reading itself. As time went on, I got sidetracked and the website essentially was writing about every subject under the sun. This was a very bad idea as it meant that my viewers started to become confused.

People no longer understood what exactly they were reading any longer. The blog posts became less about reading, books and information but more about the latest nonsense that was flying around in the news. So, constructive criticism kicked in and many followers of the website made their complaints known and I made sure to sit back, listen and really go back to the drawing board.

So What’s Changed?

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Well, if some of you remember I mentioned (around 30 odd blog posts ago) that I would embark on an exciting academic project where I would break down and explain the contents of the book of Mortimer J Adler. My mission would be to write about all the different reading styles that existed (that Adler went through). A plan that I really forgot about as time went on and the website began to pick up. Nonetheless, it is a sound plan and the different reading styles are incredibly beneficial for every literate person in the world.

Yet the website won’t just contain blog posts explaining Adler’s work, I would also write about the interesting benefits of all the things I have discovered as a bookworm myself. For example, this week, a blog post on the importance of journaling will be published. You can have many different types of Journals yourself. I personally have a private journal, a university journal to track my educational career, a finance journal to record my spending habits and a health journal to record my weight and eating habits. I am even thinking about making more journals in the future, something that I am excited about.

Overall, this website will now no longer be as general as it was before. This is a website that is for all the bookworms out there in the world. The website does book reviews as well as writing interesting articles so don’t be afraid to check the website out and hit that follow button.

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