What is My 2020 Academic Articles List?

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In this blog post I will list the academic articles that I have read during the 2020 year. In 2020 I never read too many books, I believe I read around 15 books. I will also release the list of books that I read in the year of 2020 as well. I thought about the idea today when I woke up in the morning. There are many academic articles that I read each year so it would be nice to sit down and write a blog post where I list the amount of articles that I have read each year for the sake of recording purposes. So in the future I can know exactly what I have read when I think about what I read during 2020. My followers can also see if they are interested in reading any of the listed academic articles below.

  1. Challenging Authority: Al-Baladhuri and Al-Tabari on Kharijism during the reign of Muawiyah b. Abu Sufyān. – Hanna Hageman (Journal of Medieval Mediterranean)
  2. Some Accounts Of Women Delegates To Caliph Muawiyah – Maya Yazigi (University of British Colombia
  3.  Ibn Al Jawzi and the cursing of Yazid b. Muawiyah: A debate on rebellion and Legitimate Rulership – Han Hsien Liew (Journal of the American Oriental Society) 
  4. Umar b. Al-Khattab & the Meccan Aristocracy – Mahmoud Haddad
  5. The Meccan Prison of Abdallah Ibn Al Zubayr and the imprisonment of Muhammad Ibn Al Hanafiyya (I corrected proofs) – Sean Anthony 
  6. Sons of the Muhajirun: Some comments on Ibn al-Zubayr and Legitimizing Power in Seventh Century Islamic History – Ryan J Lynch
  7.  Abd Allah Ibn al-Zubayr and the Mahdi: Between Propaganda and Historical Memory in the Second Civil War – Mehdy β€˜May’ Shaddel (Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies)
  8.  Abu Turab – Etan Kohlberg (Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies
  9. A Critical Study of Nahj Al-Balagha – Haziq Ismail
  10.  Defense and Validation in Shi’i and Sunni Tradition: The Case of Muhammad b. Abi Bakr – Maya Yazigi
  11. Umar Ibn Al-Khattab, Amr Ibn Al-As, and the Muslim Invasion of Egypt (2011) – Fred Donner 
  12. Interview between Syrian Patriarch John and Amr Ibn Al β€˜As – Anthony Alcock 
  13.  A Glimpse into the Virtues of Amir al-Mu’minin Mu’āwiyah ibn AbΔ« Sufyān – Muajul Chowdhury
  14. Zayd b. Thabit, β€œA Jew with sidelocks”: Judaism and literacy in pre-Islamic Medina (Yathrib), in Journal of Near Eastern Studies 56 (1997), 259-73 – Michael Lecker 
  15. The Shurta [Police] in early Umayyad Syria (1989) – Fred Donner
  16. THE MANTLE ODES: Praise Poems to the Prophet Muhammad. Part 1: Ka’b Ibn Zuhayr – Suzanne Stetkevych 

It’s important to note that aside from the article of Muajul Chowdhury, the rest of these academic articles about Islamic figures and history were written by non-muslims (to the best of my knowledge, if one of them is a muslim then that is my mistake) and as a result there is an element of bias being written and perhaps a lack of knowledge of the Islamic tradition. I do commend them on their writing ability, knowledge of history and dedication to the science but the actions of the companions will always remain confusing to an outside source so long as they don’t study believe in the faith and have a deep true knowledge of the sunnah.

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