Why is Poetry Important?

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On LibraryEx my aim is to go through as many subjects of knowledge as possible. Previously, I wrote about the importance of history as well as the importance of fantasy but there has been a huge aspect of literature that I have left out. Poetry. Poetry is important for so many different reasons and in this blog post I am to shed light on some of the important reasons why poetry is essential for us human beings to live. For this blog post I don’t want to sound robotic and list reasons out why poetry is beautiful. Nor do I want to write drafts upon drafts and wiz through the article like its any old blog post. Out of respect for the subject that I am writing about (poetry) I just want to write from the heart and express myself on what poetry means to me.

Poetry for me is a way to show how you feel at a time when you simply can’t put your complex feelings into words. For me, poetry is one of the most important ways of communicating our humanity. Human beings are not robots that can just robotically go through life looking to do the most efficient thing all the time. As great as being efficient is, we can’t suppress our feelings, emotions and humanity. We can try to shut it away but that is a futile effort. We just have to let the feelings pass.

Some times in life, however, there are moments when things build up so much that some of us get an uncontrollable sensation to let whatever it is that is building up “out” in some form or another. Dave Chappelle mentioned in one of his speeches how people in his field have an unexplainable desire to express themselves. Enter, poetry. Personally, I am not a poet, it would be disrespectful to poets to call myself a poet but one day when I am older, I do hope to compose poetry.


Poetry can be used in any situation and that’s what it beautiful. Of course, there are many different types of poems, some that I like more than others. For example, for me I am not a big fan of satire because it is usually always used at the expense of someone else’s honor but other poems about life, love, bravery etc. which are composed for the sake of expressing oneself always amazes me.

Poetry is also universal. Not only has it been used by countless civilizations in human history but poetry knows no bounds and historically it has been used in many different situations. Sometimes I am reading an event in history and in the middle of the most random situation someone will compose poetry and that always surprises and amazes me. I have read about times where someone composes poetry after a loved one dies, in the middle of a battle, during a happy time, during a time when someone is offended, frustrated, hopeful, sad, confident, scared etc.

Poetry is so important because it allows any person to convey whatever complicated unexplainable feeling/feelings they are having or whatever they are going through. Perhaps the most interesting thing for me is that despite the face that the poet/artist/songwriter/writer expresses something within them that they can’t fully explain, human beings listen to this form of expression and are able to fully relate to it. This is one of the great wonders of mankind as a species. When those works are translated into another language, other people from completely different backgrounds and countries are also able to relate to the original artist’s form of expression.

This shows to me that human beings are battling some similar inner battles in life and poetry is something that is able to unite the common humanity in us. This is why whenever I see poetry, I am always deeply interested and if some lines of poetry resonate with me, then I am incredibly touched because I feel like that it meant there might be a chance that someone else went through a similar experience that I went through. The thought of that is comforting and that gives me the strength and wisdom to know that my problems are temporary and will fade away.

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