12 Best Self-Help Books For You To Read


Reading self-help books are incredibly necessary for anyone who wants to live a good life. The truth is that self-help books will have an important positive effect on your day to day life. It’s like having a wise great-grandparent alive who is giving you all the tips, ins and outs that you could use to speed up your difficult path to success whilst avoiding the pitfalls that the older generation have fell in. Learning from the past and avoiding mistakes is incredibly useful as sometimes these mistakes have cost some members of the older generation so much time, energy and wealth. When I say time, I’m talking about years and decades. That is the good thing about these self-help books because they will make you a wiser and smarter person by reading them. In this article (like some of my other blog posts) I am going to list 12 books from this genre that I think everyone should read.

1) The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

I remember writing an entire blog post about this book alone (the link will be at the bottom of the page). This is a book which discusses how to live in the current moment and the author spends most of his time in the book making his clear argument for why he believes this truth that he discovered at a critical moment in his life. The author himself discovered this truth of his at a critical moment in his life. He was was in his adult life and was at a hopeless moment in his life and then in one magical moment, he discovered the truth of the power of the present moment. There are, of course, some notions within the book that I don’t believe in myself. These are notions that have clearly come from far east Buddhist thought but the general concept of living in the present moment is the best way to get through this fast paced confusing world of ours and that is what this book focuses on explaining. If you want to start living in the moment and having less moments of stress and worry in your life, read this book immediately.

2) Ego is the Enemy – Ryan Holiday

Ego is the enemy is an interesting book that I came across around a year ago. I was at a library and I glimpsed the book before I left. I glimpsed over a few chapters and I enjoyed what I was reading. Eventually, I didnโ€™t continue reading the book because it was one of the many books that I regularly inspected. I soon left and continued doing whatever I was doing in my life for a further year. Then a few months ago, I was thinking about the concept of the ego and I remembered this book that I read because of the interesting points that the author brought up whilst he was making his argument. I re-discovered the book and read the entire thing cover to cover. Just like I thought, I did (overall) enjoy reading the book. Although I feel like more aspects of the discussion could have been further elaborated by the author, he still made a compelling argument about the reality of the ego. An argument that I agree with, on the whole.

3) Richest Man In Babylon – George S. Clason

This was a great book recommended to me by my oldest brother. He purchased the book and sat me down one day and gave the book to me. I was amazed at how passionate about the information that was within this book. I was immediately intrigued. The first chapter absolutely blew me away. In fact, itโ€™s so good that I will definitely re-read the book very, very soon. The author wrote this book in a very creative, fun and exciting way. He wrote the story of a person and couched lessons along the way. This is such a great way to teach important lessons about how to become rich. Thereโ€™s nothing more exciting than an ancient story that you can learn so many lessons from. This is the kind of book that should be given to all children in school for them to read over and over again until they memorize the story and understand the lessons within it.

4) The Midnight Library – Matt Haig

This is a book that many people wouldnโ€™t expect me to place within a self-help book list. Especially since the book won the โ€˜best fantasy book of 2020โ€™ award of GoodReads. However, anyone who has read this book understands that the main indirect theme of this book is indeed self-help. The beautiful story of a woman who has a horrible life and decides to unfortunately take her own life results in her waking up in a midnight library. A library where she has a librarian who is dropping nuggets of wisdom, a heavy book called the book of regrets and a long corridors full of many books and every book represents a different path her life could have went. They call people who enter different lives of theirs โ€˜slidersโ€™. For a while, the main character Nora, remains a slider until slowly she is content with her original life once again after learning many important lessons. Everyone feels mentally weak from time to time, this book will help you improve your mental health. This is why I included it in this list.

5) How To Stop Worrying and Start Living – Dale Carnegie

This is a book that was recommended to me by my mother. The title hit me immediately. I remembered how I do in fact worry a lot. As soon as I read the book, my life definitely did change. This is because of the fact that this book gives the readers practical steps on how to tackle worrying. The practical lessons that I learnt within the book were very beneficial to me because now whenever I am under a lot of work pressure I remember those practical steps and follow them. Now I worry significant a lot less than I used to. I now appear as if Iโ€™m one of those โ€˜cool headedโ€™ people when really Iโ€™m someone who is just normal like everyone else, but thanks to the book, I am now able to think through my problems carefully and execute clear solutions without getting stressed and consequently being inefficient.

6) The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

The power of habit is a book that has impressed me a great deal. The title of the book is incredibly powerful. Itโ€™s what always interested me whenever I came across the book and upon reading the title of the book I became intrigued about the contents of the book. The book explains how changing certain habits in your life, some incredibly small, has a huge snowball effect that brings about enormous change to your life in the future. One of the sections in the book really impressed me and even now has me thinking about it from time to time. It explained how in a city in Iraq the people there would always be prone to rioting after a speech. The new Governor who arrived observed the trigger or the cue that would trigger this habit of theirs. He noticed that after a speech, the people would go and use the vending machines and begin rioting. The new Governor removed all the vending machines and soon there was no more riots. The book explains how there is always a โ€˜cueโ€™ and this triggers the habit and from there a result appears. If you want to understand how powerful habits are and how to change the habits in your life to improve your life then look no further than this book.

7) The 48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene

This is a book that I regularly refer to and that I learn many lessons from. Just like some of the previous books that I have listed here, I have also written a full book review of this book. I will leave the link to that review down in the link below. This book will open your eyes to the world that politicians operate in. The world of power. I honestly never used to ever contemplate the world of power. I thought politicians were just corrupt slithery people who should be avoided at all costs. After reading this book Iโ€™ve come to have some sort of admiration for successful politicians because I now understand that they are great chess players of life and people who sacrifice nearly everything for their goals. Of course, this isnโ€™t the case for all politicians. There are many politicians that are self-serving and corrupt. Furthermore, there are philosophies within the book that I donโ€™t wholly agree with. Overall this is a book that everyone should read about to understand the game of power that is constantly happening all around them.

8) The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

This is a book that is very good novel written by Paolo Coelho. The book is so good and it touched me so much that I purchased the book. I also dedicated a blog posts which was book review to this book. The link will also be left at the bottom of this page. The main character becomes a shepherd so that he could travel the world. The main character of the book is told by a fortune-teller that there is some treasure waiting for him at a place in the world near Egypt. He begins his journey of travelling the world and whilst heโ€™s on this journey he comes across many different highly interesting people and even finds love. What exactly is the treasure that this young boy has received? Is it the valuable lessons of wisdom heโ€™s picked up along the way? Or is it the love he finds in the young women from the desert called Fatima? Or is it the treasure itself. Youโ€™ll have to read the book and make that decision for yourself.

9) As A Man Thinketh – James Allen

A great book that was recommended to me by my oldest brother. A book that was so touching that I also dedicated a blog post which was a book review on it as well. The link will be at the bottom of the page if you want to read the book. My oldest brother had a hard copy of the book at home. I came from the city my university was in to visit my family for the weekend and at first I wasnโ€™t sure whether I should read the book or not. After inspecting and giving the book an X-Ray I discovered that the book was only around 49 pages or even less. I understood that I could read it during the weekend that I was staying there and I chose to read the book. The book was amazing and the author highlights how your life depends on how you think. If you have positive thoughts you will live a happier noble life and vice versa. If youโ€™re interested in changing your thinking patterns, you should really read this book.

10) What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 – Tina Seelig

I read this book in 2020 as a 20 year old. I saw the title and it appealed to me and I thought that I had to read it immediately. The book helps students transition from the academic world to the working world and explaining the skills necessary that students need in order to become successful entrepreneurs. The author explains how to use these skills and also gives examples where students were incredibly successful in their endeavors. The author is an entrepreneur as well as a neuroscientist and teacher. Tina Seelig throws out the old rules that don’t seem to allow students to be able to transfer their skills into the working world. The author introduces a new model that university students should use and if they follow her advice (the important advice she wished she knew decades before) the new wave of students should become incredibly successful. Naturally, students at university often want to just have fun and enjoy themselves. The students that do pick up this book, read and absorb the words within it are the lucky ones. You also don’t have to be someone in university or a 20 year old to benefit of this book. Anyone can pick up this book, follow the advice and use the information within the book to become successful.

11) Atomic Habit – James Clear

Yet another book recommended to me by my mother. At the time, when she recommended it, I didn’t quite have the spare time to read this book because I was very busy. Therefore, I decided that I would read the blinklist shortened version of the book and I found the book to be incredibly beneficial. At some point in the future, I am planning on reading the full version of the book because I am sure that I missed out on lots of key knowledge. The writer explained how habits work, how habits function and the importance of having beneficial habits in your life. The writer also explains how the readers can break any bad habits that they have. There are many real life examples within the book and the writer also explains the psychology and the science behind habits. The fact that 2 million copies of the book was sold testifies to how beneficial the book is. There is a copy of the book at my home and I would definitely recommend you to acquire this book and benefit of this book.

12) Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

This is a book that was recommended to me by my oldest brother. At the moment I have not read this book, I have only read the first chapter and I found it to be incredibly compelling. The book is so popular and useful that I had to include it in my list. In fact, it would feel quite strange if I didn’t include the book in my list. It’s that good. Its highly effective book for those who deeply desire to become a rich. This book gives the real life examples of some of the great people of history like Thomas Edison , Henry Fords etc. The book will also inspire you to become a great person as well. I consider this book for those who have a really hard time in life and are struggling financially . This book has dozens of real life stories of successful people who started of with nothing but became world top scientist , inventors, economist , leader etc. This books inspires more than it gives ideas . I truly appreciate the work and effort of Napoleon because it might have taken few years to gather such real life stories of famous people from history.

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