12 Best Self-Help Books For You To Read

Reading self-help books are incredibly necessary for anyone who wants to live a good life. The truth is that self-help books will have an important positive effect on your day to day life. It’s like having a wise great-grandparent alive who is giving you all the tips, ins and outs that you could use toContinue reading “12 Best Self-Help Books For You To Read”

Who was the Mad Mullah in Somalia?

Recently I have been studying Somali history quite a lot. I came across an interesting author called Said S. Samatar who authored many books on Somali history and I’d love to review one of his books or at least what I learnt from his works. In the west, when you study Somali history there areContinue reading “Who was the Mad Mullah in Somalia?”

12 Thrilling Political Non-Fiction Books For You To Read

I admit, reading political theory books can get tiring sometimes but have you ever heard of Political Non-Fiction? This has to be one of my favourite genre’s of all time. This is because you as the reader get to read exciting stories written by great authors. These kind of stories are so interesting that youContinue reading “12 Thrilling Political Non-Fiction Books For You To Read”

10 Best Tech Books For You To Read

If you’re an ICT or computer science student at university like me (or perhaps even college or secondary school) then you will definitely need to read many books on the history and development of computers and the whole computer science industry. Technology is the most unique science in the sense that we’re always looking towardsContinue reading “10 Best Tech Books For You To Read”

12 Best Mystery Books For You To Read

Mystery books are the most interesting reads out there. There’s no feeling better than cuddling up in those dark winter nights to read a great mystery book. Mystery novels are a great escape from reality since they keep you on the edge of your seat for every page that you read. The first time thatContinue reading “12 Best Mystery Books For You To Read”

12 Best Fantasy Books For You To Read

Fantasy is an important genre for all readers. In a previous post I did write about the importance of fantasy as a whole. For me, reading a great fantasy book does wonders for me. For one, who doesn’t love a great story? Fantasy books contain great stories that you can completely get lost in. FurthermoreContinue reading “12 Best Fantasy Books For You To Read”

My 2021 Reading Challenge So Far

My 2021 Reading Challenge has been going surprisingly great so far. In previous years I haven’t ever really tried to do the yearly reading challenge. I first came across the challenge in the year 2020 when we were all in our first lockdown. At that time I made a GoodReads account and I began myContinue reading “My 2021 Reading Challenge So Far”

Is ‘The Soul Of A New Machine’ a Good Read?

Why I got hooked on this book? This book is one of the best books that I have ever read and is definitely the best computer-related book that I have read in my life. In fact, it’s almost a double-edged sword because once you read Kidder’s The Soul Of A New Machine, reading computer-related booksContinue reading “Is ‘The Soul Of A New Machine’ a Good Read?”

A New Series About Scholars & Academics From The Past

Why the change? Previously when I was writing on this blog page of mine, I as writing articles about interesting Islamic leaders from the past as well as their biographies. Some of them tended to be viewed as controversial people. The term controversial doesn’t have to have negative connotations surrounding it. It just meant thatContinue reading “A New Series About Scholars & Academics From The Past”

What Kind of Book is The Power of Now?

Intro The Power of Now is another book (just like as a man thinketh) that was recommended to me by my oldest brother. The Power of Now is important to me because living in the moment is one of the key things that will help anyone get through life. Before coming across this book IContinue reading “What Kind of Book is The Power of Now?”