What is my exciting new reading project?

During the past few weeks, I spent a lot of my time reading and analysing Mortimer Adler’s ‘How to read a book’ which is a touchstone of a book. As simple as the title might appear, the book teaches the readers what reading really is, the different levels of reading as well as the differentContinue reading “What is my exciting new reading project?”

Can You Be Illiterate Despite Being Literate?

A wise person once said the definition of being literate is the ability to understand everything you read and the ability to articulate your thoughts. Unfortunately, in our time, people generally assume that they are all literate because they could literally read and write. In this paper, I will discuss whether or not someone couldContinue reading “Can You Be Illiterate Despite Being Literate?”

7 Reasons Why You Should Read More?

Reading has always been something I did as a hobby. Usually, in my spare time, I would read history, sports articles and the usual regular news. I picked up the 2020 book challenge around March. However, life got so busy I just stopped June. Around a week ago, I felt like something was missing fromContinue reading “7 Reasons Why You Should Read More?”