Who was the Mad Mullah in Somalia? Reviewing Said S Samatar’s Book

Recently I have been studying Somali history quite a lot. I came across an interesting author called Said S. Samatar who authored many books on Somali history and I’d love to review one of his books or at least what I learnt from his works. In the west, when you study Somali history there areContinue reading “Who was the Mad Mullah in Somalia? Reviewing Said S Samatar’s Book”

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the new technology that is beginning to dominate the world. In fact the Putin, the leader of Russia, famously stated that β€œwhoever controls artificial intelligence will rule the world”. Although we don’t know if that statement of his is true, one thing we do know is that artificial intelligence is changing ourContinue reading “What is Artificial Intelligence?”

What is UX?

Favourite Products PayPal Figure 1(Image Source: https://in.pcmag.com/old-mobile-payment-apps/81728/paypal) PayPal is my first example of my favourite mobile app because of the good user experience I have had with it. This is because of the visibility of the system status. PayPal is easy to use and consistent for the user. As a result, the predictable interactions thatContinue reading “What is UX?”