What Kind of Book is The Power of Now?

Intro The Power of Now is another book (just like as a man thinketh) that was recommended to me by my oldest brother. The Power of Now is important to me because living in the moment is one of the key things that will help anyone get through life. Before coming across this book IContinue reading “What Kind of Book is The Power of Now?”

Why You Should Start Journaling?

Journaling is an incredibly important lifestyle hack that you can easily include into your life. As of now, I have 3 active Journals that I regularly check up on. It’s important to remember that journaling isn’t what you think it is, it’s not writing dear diary in your bed like the way television shows depictContinue reading “Why You Should Start Journaling?”

Why You Should Drink More Coffee?

Recently I began drinking coffee after I discovered the right way of making the perfect cup of coffee. I was surprised since my day to day life changed since I added this new drink into my life. So I had to write something about coffee and it’s benefits. There are many reasons why you shouldContinue reading “Why You Should Drink More Coffee?”

How to Get Over an Academic Burn-Out?

For around 2 years, I was suffering from an academic burn-out without even realising it. That was a real shame because, at times, I thought that something might have been wrong with me since I felt ‘off’. Of course, it is important to tell loved ones about the state of your mental health however, sometimes,Continue reading “How to Get Over an Academic Burn-Out?”

7 Reasons Why You Should Read More?

Reading has always been something I did as a hobby. Usually, in my spare time, I would read history, sports articles and the usual regular news. I picked up the 2020 book challenge around March. However, life got so busy I just stopped June. Around a week ago, I felt like something was missing fromContinue reading “7 Reasons Why You Should Read More?”