This is a short announcement from to inform you that LibraryEx as a website and a future organization finally has its very own website and I am delighted to announce this news to all 85 people who have followed this website of mine. I also have another podcast for my other website as well calledContinue reading “Announcement: LIBRARYEX OFFICIALLY HAS ITS OWN PODCAST!!!!!”

LibraryEx, A Website For Bookworms

As some of you who started following this website from the beginning (and I know who you are) you will all know that the focus of this website was everything related to knowledge. It was a blog page for book lovers and bookworms. Initially I gave tips about all the different reading styles as wellContinue reading “LibraryEx, A Website For Bookworms”

From Muaadable to LibraryEx: Final Website Update!

So I know what my followers are wondering, what on earth is going on with the name of my blog page. Well, as you all know, choosing the right name for your website is incredibly tricky. However, thanks to the tips and the helpful advice that I received from professional bloggers, I was able toContinue reading “From Muaadable to LibraryEx: Final Website Update!”